Day 1 - 19 June

Enterprise Security – IoT & Digital Transformation

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Cyber security is key concern for all businesses in 2018, and protecting enterprises large and small from cyber attacks is big business.  During this track we will hear examples from across enterprise, including IoT, industrial control systems, energy and automotive industries as to how to implement effective enterprise cyber security plus address the challenges faced and current and potential solutions.

Topics covered:

IoT, IIOT, Automotive, Health, Industrial Control Systems/SCADA, Blockchain, energy, government, financial services.

Day 1 & 2 - 19 & 20 June

Developing Security Solutions

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Gartner predicts that over $75 billion will be spent worldwide on infrastructure protection and security services in 2018.  As cloud computing takes a forefront for both consumer and enterprise computing, development of cloud security solutions is due to make up a large proportion of that spending.  With so much data now being stored in the cloud, the need for secure infrastructure is imperative.  Hear from industry professionals about how to develop robust solutions and strategies, plus how the future of cloud security will utilise technologies from AI and Machine Learning to Blockchain.

Topics covered:

cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, gateways, infrastructure security, interoperability, security innovations, AI, Blockchain

Day 2 - 20 June

Cyber Security – Emerging Tech & Regulations

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Day 2 of the Enterprise Security track will focus on the impact that new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning will have on cybersecurity.  Using case studies from healthcare and the financial services sector, we will examine threats to data, the legal implications of data breaches and the role of standards and regulations.

Topics covered:

data security and protection, identity, privacy, compliance, GDPR and other regulations, legal implications of cybersecurity breaches, cybercrime, cyber intelligence, penetration testing, hacking, phishing, identity access management, training.