On-Demand Session Recordings

Get front-row access anytime, anywhere: access a selection of recordings from the live sessions at TechEx Events in Santa Clara, Amsterdam and London. Plus on-demand webinars from our sister company, TechForge Media.

Securing DevOps at scale: Our journey to organise and implement a comprehensive security program

This presentation with Jeff Cechinel, Head of Software Development at Tesco will explore: Securing DevOps at scale, organising and implementing a comprehensive security program.

Tesco Technology

ING Presentation: AI cybercrime, Levelling the playing field for the common criminal

Join Raviv Raz, Cloud Security Manager at ING. This talk is meant to provoke thought among all security practitioners, soon to be faced with AI-driven cybercrime as an everyday reality.

So, you’re an aspiring cyber-criminal. You want to get rich or get incarcerated trying.

But you don’t know how to hack. In fact, you don’t even know how to program.

Well, fear not! for AI is here to be your partner in crime.

From phishing, through enticement, breach and theft of data – we will cover it all in this session.

We will learn how to ask nicely, hypnotise and social engineer ChatGPT to be our criminal mastermind.

Advising on social engineering and hacking techniques, providing code and recommending tools to exploit and bypass security controls.

Cyber ING Ai Cybercrime

Latest trends within social engineering

Join Mastercard, Booking.com and Uber to explore:

The damaging consequences which social engineering brings to an organisation.
Analysing common misconceptions people may have when it comes to engaging with threat actors.
Highlighting key trends and behaviours demonstrated by attackers, to increase awareness.

Cyber Mastercard Lates Trends

Are We Entering a Passwordless World?

In our increasingly interconnected digital landscape, the need for secure and convenient authentication methods has become paramount. The traditional reliance on passwords has proven to be a cumbersome and often vulnerable approach, leading to significant cybersecurity risks and user frustrations. As a solution to these challenges, we are witnessing the dawn of a passwordless world, where innovative technologies are reshaping the way we authenticate our digital identities. In this session learn more about:

● Recent developments in MFA, biometrics, ZZO, SSO, and other alternatives to entering passwords; how these are evolving.

● The pros and cons of eliminating passwords altogether.

● Technological improvements to assist with authentication processes.

Are We Entering Passwordless World

Presentation – Evolving Network Security Strategies for the Public Cloud: What You Need to Know?

In the era of digital transformation and cloud adoption, ensuring robust network security in the public cloud is crucial for organizations. In this session,  join Chris McHenry, Solutions Engineer Leader at Aviatrix to explore more about:

● Understanding different approaches to network and perimeter security in the public cloud and why a lift-and-shift approach will fail.

● Building a common framework across multiple clouds and how to leverage it in order to control your cloud network perimeter, enforce policies, and gain insight into critical business telemetry.

● Working across business stakeholders in the C-suite, security teams, network engineering, cloud teams, DevOps, finance, and more to achieve a secure cloud network while removing business barriers.

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 10 56 07 Presentation Evolving Network Security Strategies For The Public Cloud What You Need To Know

4 Challenges to Data Recoverability in AWS (and how to overcome them)

Join a data protection specialist from Clumio as we unravel how to overcome these four data recoverability challenges: 

Finding the data you need to recover.

● Recovering only the data you need, rather than the whole bucket, volume or instance 

● Recovering to another environment if the primary is compromised 

● Getting instant access to large volumes of data

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 10 56 34 Presentation 4 Challenges To Data Recoverability In The Cloud And How To Overcome Them

Never Trust, Always Verify: The Zero-Trust Approach

Join Springboard, Aon Global Services and MGM Resorts International and learn more about:

Explaining the importance of a zero-trust approach, and how it strengthens a company. 

Outlining the steps involved when implementing a zero-trust architecture. 

Adopting culture and leadership skills to sustain a mature cyber security practice. 

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 10 56 44 Fireside Chat Never Trust Always Verify The Zero Trust Approach

Designing for Multi-Cloud Environments

Join Tejas Chopra, Senior Software Engineer from Netflix in this presentation as he explore designing for multi-cloud environments. In this presentation discover more about the challenges and best practices associated with adopting and managing multi-cloud architectures.

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 10 56 54 Presentation Designing For Multi Cloud Environments