12M Technology
Stand No: 224

With over 13 years of experience, 12M Technology, being one of the leading companies and pursuing the goal of remaining at the cutting-edge of IT security, now has opened a UK-based penetration and security company in London.

Our team hold various certifications whose credibility are accredited internationally in the industry. The services we offer include both internal and external tests with a robust methodology that can be modified to the client’s needs.

With a high commitment to ethical standards, by acting like a hacker, our team not only do offer help by addressing the inconvenient areas of the IT infrastructure of your company but also fix the vulnerabilities with the highest up-to-date industry criterion.

Identifying threats process commences with a scoping procedure that our team ensures the objectives and the timespan are realistic and not money/time-consuming. The attack tests are carried out mostly during non-business hours so as not to overwhelm the systems that are running everyday transactions.

In parallel with our tests, reports are meticulously prepared to list vulnerabilities, data breaches, attacks, and exploitable areas of the systems for IT expert within the organisation. And subsequently, along with these problems gained by the reconnaissance, we provide remedies and recommendations, in a comprehensive report, convenient and optimal for the organisation’s need.