ARMA Instruments
Stand No: 144

A Neutral Company with the Right Intent

ARMA Instruments AG, an acronym to Advanced Relay Mission Applications was founded early 2017 in Baar, Switzerland.

Lead by our vision of political neutrality and set up to rule out any possible interference by governments, investors and other forces that could push for backdoors in products and pose a risk to our independence.

Our board is represented by international entrepreneurs, ethical hackers, cyber security experts and privacy activists and spans a variety of nations including Switzerland, Ukraine, United States, Russia and The Netherlands.

We operate a transparency center that invites all of our customers to come and investigate our source code, updates, operations- and threat intelligence center.

The ARMA G1 Secure Communicator

A mobile personal communicator based on the ARMA Linux operating system using the cellular network. Build on a zero trust approach from hard- en software to manufacturing within our secure facility.

ARMA G1 features an absolute minimalistic hardware design to exclude any type of attack and facilitates communication by text only. Can be made operable for communication inside bunkers, onboard ships and airplanes, it has our patented Dynamic Identity, does not rely on a dedicated server infrastructure and matches national TOP SECRET classifications.