Stand No: 93

The more layers of security you can pile up, the better. Faronics Cloud offers unrivalled safety against all manner of modern threats.

Failing to deliver Windows updates in a timely manner is a root cause of many of the most high-profile cyberattacks of recent years. Faronics Cloud allows you to automate and control the process entirely, with zero disruption to your users. Similarly, it’s straightforward to schedule and manage all your application updates from the cloud.

Our Anti-Executable is an advanced whitelisting tool that includes protection from a massive list of known ransomware. Combined with kiosk mode to lock down desktops, alongside our market-leading Anti-Virus offered in partnership with Bitdefender, layered security with Faronics is like wearing a suit of the strongest armour.

But when all else fails, Deep Freeze is the ultimate reboot-to-restore layer that underpins your whole estate for maximum security with 100% uptime. The only such solution available on the market, Deep Freeze prevents users from making permanent configuration changes, and leans up all malware and viruses with a simple restart.

To find out why 33,000 customers in more than 150 countries have chosen Faronics Cloud, please visit Faronics on stand 93.