“I really don’t like seeing you” is by now a famous quote in the offices of Rootsec. This has everything to do with the fact that Emil Pilecki will always find something. Something that makes your data vulnerable or proves your systems weak. He’s the bearer of bad news but, more importantly, also a solution machine. Under the Rootsec banner he is the brains and creative mind when it comes to tackling all sorts of IT-sec challenges. At Rootsec we believe that no client or case is ever the same, which is why we always alter our services to our client’s needs. Emil is the perfect embodiment to this philosophy. He started Rootsec not even 5 years ago and quickly made a name for himself. Whilst the company steadily grows, his drive and motivation are still on the same level as they were when he hacked his first device. Of course only to then tell the owner about this vulnerability..