Gisele Widdershoven is Managing Director at Accenture Security in the Netherlands and the Gallia Resources Security Lead. Recently she has been appointed within Accenture to be the Global Security Capability Lead for Industry X.0, advising on the role & necessity of security for the digital transformation.
In the past 17 years, she has led many senior positions on large scale strategically and technically complex ICS (Industrial Control systems) security projects working predominately for the energy sector. She has positively leveraged her diverse background in more recent years in industrial security, applying common practices and international OT standards such as IEC 62443, NIST, NERC-CIP, understanding and bridging the gap between Information Technology & Operational Technology (IT/OT). She contributed to various security thought leadership PoVs , board member of EE-ISAC, member of ENISA – EICS expert group and is recognized as a specialist in Industrial Cyber Security globally.