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    Day 2


  • Nowadays enterprises that are going through a digital transformation are more and more concerned with improving their security practices. This is because (1) product security became of utmost importance with wide adoption of micro-services and APIs-based architectures; (2) with the migration to the public cloud, the attack surface of the applications has largely increased, leading to an increased number of vulnerabilities.
  • Nevertheless, due to a number of factors, the AppSec team, services and budget have not changed significantly over the last years. So it’s important to understand how to scale up the AppSec services such that the AppSec team can keep up with the fast-paced software development inherent to the DevOps way of working.
  • This talk gives an introduction to this topic, by describing the main elements that are part of the AppSec ecosystem and of a scalable Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) process.

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Bárbara Vieira

Principal Security Engineer


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12:00PM - Day 2

View A holistic approach to AppSec: Scaling up SSDLC

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