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Hackers (aka spear phishers) are using targeted methods to attack organizations via email. Even worse, hackers modify their tactics at such a rapid pace it is becoming extremely difficult for traditional/legacy email protection solutions to protect against these targeted attacks. Account takeover/compromise, popular app impersonation and domain spoofing are top tactics used by hackers to expose organizations.

We will highlight real-world examples of tactics used by hackers to infiltrate your employees email. We will also show:

* Impersonation attempts

* Personalized emails threats that are difficult to catch

* Lines of business typically targeted by hackers

* Links that appear to be from a popular business app service provider

* Common lure tactics used by hackers

Associated Speakers:

Alain Luxembourg

Regional Director, Benelux


Associated Talks:

03:20PM - Day 1

View Account Takeover: Top Tactics Hackers use to Infiltrate your Email & why your Current Email Security solution can’t protect you

10:50AM - Day 1

View Panel: The evolution of cloud for enterprise cybersecurity

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