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  • Board, risk, procurement, business, investors, insurers, partners, clients, regulators/government, what do these stakeholders have in common?
  • They all want to understand your organisation’s security posture.
  • Adopting a holistic approach including Security Ratings, Continuous Monitoring and Financial Quantification is the answer that CISOs, their Boards and all stakeholders are looking for in order to stay ahead in the risk / reputation game. With BitSight – and its recent $250M investment from Moody’s – they will have access to accurate metrics that can help them understand not just their global cybersecurity program performance, but also establish cyber risk financial exposure thresholds to measure the policies effectiveness.

Associated Speakers:

Lennart Pikaart

Sales Director Benelux & Nordics

BitSight Technologies

Associated Talks:

12:20PM - Day 1

View Afternoon Keynote: The growing importance of quantifiable cyber metrics for your 360° stakeholders

12:40PM - Day 2

View PRERECORDED PANEL: Strong to the core: Security for digital transformation

01:30PM - Day 2

View Panel: Strong to the core: Security for digital transformation

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