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Today it is critical for the enterprise IAM and cybersecurity teams to work closely together to ensure that the enterprise is safe. Gone are the days when the IAM team merrily sent their logs over to the SIEM system without really understanding how or even if the data was used by the cybersecurity team.

Hackers do not break in but log in so how do we stop them? Identity threat detection and response is critical part of the cybersecurity protection of all enterprises but how do you connect the different teams not only on a technical but also on a process and even human level?

Annant Gujral from Ahold Delhaize and Martin Sandren from Ikea will provide an overview of ITDR and how the IAM and Cybersecurity teams can best support each other in the struggle to protect the business.

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Martin Sandren

IAM Product Lead


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02:00PM - Day 2

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03:00PM - Day 2

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