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    Day 1


The presentation will aim at discussing the broad challenges caused by recent Schrems II privacy decision.

  • After an introduction on what Schrems II entails, and parties affected by the new privacy rules, faced challenges will be described. Highlighting why Schrems II is not merely a Legal and Privacy issue, but a CISO issue as well.
  • The subject will be further developed by introducing ABN AMRO Bank N.V. reactions, featuring the company Cloud Provider investigations, as use case. The focus will be on the steps companies could take, in cooperation with the major cloud providers, in a journey towards Schrems II compliance.
  • Moreover, as core part of the presentation, solutions in the following domains will be shared and extensively explained: technology, legal, procurement, organisation.
    To conclude with lessons learned and open questions.

Associated Speakers:

Federico Casano

Senior Cyber Security Consultant


Associated Talks:

04:10PM - Day 1

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