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This session is about how to implement security controls in Fintech products and services running on public cloud services, within a Fintech organization, which is on one hand, a startup-kind of organization, and on the other hand, a regulated financial institution. In this session, I will discuss the people and the professional aspects involved with applying security – both from regulatory and practical risk perspectives.

Four Key Takeaways:
1. How security controls implementation in cloud environments are working in Fintech companies in practice.
2. What are the key differences between practical risks mitigation and regulatory requirements mitigation, and where one should consider to combine them.
3. How the transition from startup-minded organization to an official financial institution should look like (at least from operational and security perspective).
4. How shared responsibility of a company and cloud service provider can be a challenge.

Associated Speakers:

Nir Chervoni

Group Product Manager - Data Security


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10:50AM - Day 1

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