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In today’s increasingly complex threat landscape, organizations need to optimize their digital defence strategies to protect against a wide range of cyber threats. This session proposes leveraging the Pareto Principle and the Theory of Constraints as powerful frameworks for improving organization-wide cybersecurity practices. By identifying the vital few security measures that provide the most significant impact and addressing bottlenecks in defence systems, organizations can enhance their cyber resilience. Drawing inspiration from the latest Microsoft Digital Defense Report, which emphasizes fundamental security hygiene practices, this session will explore practical techniques to protect against 98% of attacks. Furthermore, we will shed light on the influence of survivorship bias and how it can inadvertently hinder organizations from achieving optimal digital defence.  

Key Takeaways: 

– Understand the application of the Pareto Principle and the Theory of Constraints in cybersecurity. 

– Learn how to prioritize security measures based on their impact using the Pareto Principle. 

– Identify and overcome bottlenecks in organization-wide defence systems using the Theory of Constraints. 

– Recognize and mitigate the influence of survivorship bias on cybersecurity decision-making. 

– Gain practical strategies and actionable steps to enhance the organization’s digital defence. 

Associated Speakers:

Jafar Shayan

Senior R&D Engineer

ABB E-mobility

Associated Talks:

01:00PM - Day 2

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