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The worldwide cyber talent shortage is real and growing. Just in the US there are 1 million people employed as cyber security professionals, but over 700,000 unfilled job postings and that number is growing at an alarming rate. Globally, the gap is at least 2.7 million. Initiatives are underway to address the shortage spanning government, industry groups, and the private sector, however the short-term cybersecurity implications are alarming. The lack of skilled practitioners extends beyond the issue of headcount- deficiencies exist in capability, diversity, morale and more. But effective and innovative solutions can bridge the talent gap and address both near term and longer term needs.  In this session we will discuss:

  • Current options to increase the cyber talent capacity required to meet organizations’ current and future security needs.
  • Broadening the diversity of available security skill sets to cover the full scope of vulnerabilities for on-premise, cloud, networking, hosts, mobile, applications, etc.
  • The challenges, and importance, of establishing a continuous testing practice to keep pace with the continuous application development and deployment methodologies.
  • The advantages of leveraging a global researcher community as part of your security operations.
  • The importance of standard testing frameworks and operational transparency in leveraging untapped and available security talent.

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Wade Lance

Field CISO


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01:20PM - Day 2

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