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This talk is meant to provoke thought among all security practitioners, soon to be faced with AI-driven cybercrime as an everyday reality. 

So, you’re an aspiring cyber-criminal. You want to get rich or get incarcerated trying. 

But you don’t know how to hack. In fact, you don’t even know how to program. 

Well, fear not! for AI is here to be your partner in crime. 

From phishing, through enticement, breach and theft of data – we will cover it all in this session. 

We will learn how to ask nicely, hypnotise and social engineer ChatGPT to be our criminal mastermind. 

Advising on social engineering and hacking techniques, providing code and recommending tools to exploit and bypass security controls. 

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Raviv Raz

Cloud Security Manager


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01:25PM - Day 1

View Presentation: AI cybercrime: Levelling the playing field for the common criminal

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