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The global pandemic and impacts stemming from COVID-19 shook up operations across the globe. Both, security and cultural impacts stemming from the pandemic continue to emerge for businesses. As organizations have navigated their way through return to office scenarios, there are a number of new employee expectations and employer considerations to think through. Rather than only focusing on the point-in-time circumstances of “secure work-from-home” operations, many organizations are considering a proactive “secure-work-anywhere” policy. In this webinar, we’ll highlight what aspects of secure work anywhere have been successfully in place prior to regional waves of quarantine, supporting productivity through employee mental and physical health considerations, privacy considerations for employees’ personal environments, empowering your plan with innovative solutions and technology.

Key takeaways:

    • What disciplines and business structure have already been operating “secure work anywhere”?
    • How can the extent of your internal governance policies can help or inhibit your employees ability to execute their job effectively?
    • Considerations to balance security-based monitoring and employee privacy rights within personal environments
    • Technology and innovative strategies to put your “secure-work-anywhere” plans in motion.

Associated Speakers:

Jorge Ferrer Raventos

GRC Consultant


Associated Talks:

10:10AM - Day 2

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