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In recent months, supply chain attacks have made headlines and wreaked havoc across businesses. These attacks, which often use ransomware, can impact thousands of organizations by targeting a single company. In a recent case, an IT Management Software company suffered a ransomware attack which impacted as many as 1,500 small businesses that rely on the companies software. While the hackers demanded a ransom, small businesses affected suddenly lacked the critical IT functions they rely on to run their businesses.

This type of attack shows that the vendors you work with must have proper measures in place to: 1) reduce the risk of suffering from a ransomware attack, and 2) have the ability to respond should they become a victim of an attack.

In this session, we’ll explore the ransomware threat and discuss how hackers are using malicious means to upend global supply chains. Attend to learn:

    • How ransomware is leveraged in a supply chain attack
    • What types of organizations are typically targeted
    • What measures you can put in place to build a more robust supply chain
    • How to protect your own organization from falling victim to ransomware
    • How to improve supply chain resilience with business continuity best practices

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Franck Bernard

Privacy Consultant


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10:10AM - Day 1

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