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In this fireside chat, Marvin Ngoma from the Global Security team at Elastic and Jan Horsager from IDC discuss how organizations are using Elastic to innovate with a data-driven, security-by-design approach in their digital transformation journeys. 

  • Enterprises can have billions of data points; how do they quickly differentiate between normal and malicious data? 
  • Why security by design is a differentiator for companies like KPN, Barclays, and Randstad, whose core mission is to keep their customers secure online 
  • How fast, scalable, and relevant search of big data is at the heart of security capabilities for regulatory compliance and stopping threats quickly 

Associated Speakers:

Marvin Ngoma

Solutions Architect, Global Security Specialist Group


Associated Talks:

12:50AM - Day 2

View VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: Fireside chat with IDC & Elastic- Data-driven security in the digital economy: Protect, detect, respond limitlessly

12:50PM - Day 2

View Presentation: How Safe is Your Cloud? Deciphering Cloud Threats and Security Models

02:30PM - Day 2

View Panel: The Future of Cybersecurity – Where Should We Go From Here?

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