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Ransomware remains high on the risk register of leading companies. So much that 57% of cyber security executives believe their company will fall victim to a ransomware attack in the next year. As mobile working and cloud adoption have become the norm, this threat has evolved into more targeted and insidious forms with multiple dimensions and points of attack.

Identity is the new perimeter and the first place a modern Ransomware crew will go to work. In this session, security professionals and enterprise leaders will learn:

  • How Ransomware has evolved
  • How to prevent users from inadvertently sharing credential data with attackers
  • How to gain visibility into devices manifesting risky behavior accessing cloud data and services
  • How to prevent Ransomware propagation between cloud applications and services

Associated Speakers:

Paul Visch

Regional Manager - Sales Engineer


Associated Talks:

03:10PM - Day 1

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03:10PM - Day 1

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