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Every business depends on granting access to critical applications, assets, and services—for in-house employees, remote workers, third-party vendors, and contractors. But the identity and access management system is also a prime target for attackers who are looking for weak spots so they can gain access to your systems and deploy malware. And if—like 90% of businesses worldwide—you use Active Directory as your core identity store, you’re even more vulnerable. According to Mandiant researchers, 90% of the incidents they investigate involve Active Directory in some way. In this brief session, Tal Sarid will describe a few common ways Active Directory can be exploited by cybercriminals—and how to close those security gaps, including:

    • Assessing current Active Directory security vulnerabilities such as weak password policies and risky misconfigurations
    • Continuously monitoring for malicious changes in Active Directory
    • Automatically rolling back unwanted changes
    • Quickly recovering Active Directory forests to a known-secure state after a cyberattack

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Tal Sarid

Senior Solution Architect


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