Day 1 - 24 November 2020


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Enterprise Security: Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks


Presentation: The agile CISO

  • Exposing the main tenants of CISO success
  • The CISO as Digital Trust Leader – How can we bridge the trust gap?
  • Integrating security & legal as part of digital transformation


Presentation: Developing a business-driven security strategy

  • Ensuring your security team supports your company’s strategic goals
  • Are you getting the most bang for your buck in terms of cyber spend?
  • How can you identify key risk indicators and hit KPIs?


Panel: Using safety to your advantage – The CISO as a business enabler

  • Understanding the role & value proposition – Influencers, protectors or responders?
  • What sort of skills does a CISO need and how can we close the expectation gap?
  • How does this differ by company and industry and continue to evolve?


Networking Break


Presentation: It’s personal! The Human Impact

  • Breach impact on an organisation is well known, but are CISOs affected on a personal level?
  • Is better communication key to keeping your security team motivated?
  • What can organisations do to help? Protecting people as well as data


Presentation: Bend, don’t break – Creating a cyber resilient business

  • Combining cyber security, business continuity and enterprise resilience
  • How to elevate the role of security
  • Maintaining functionality safely


Panel: Who’s to blame? Breach accountability & responsibility

  • If the CIO isn’t fired for outages, should the CISO be fired over a breach?
  • Should there be a data breach clause, and can this be deemed wrongful termination?
  • What impact does security budget and board willingness have?
  • How can we change the view of the Security Operations Centre from breach prevention to readiness & response?


Networking Break


Presentation: Making security sexy – The psychology behind awareness

  • Everyone knows not to open a spam email, yet people are still hooked by phishing. Can you buy, train or educate to change human behaviours?
  • Awareness does not equal behaviour – can cyber security progress without behavioural change?
  • Examples of organisations excelling in this space


Presentation: Smart Cyber – How can AI manage risk?

  • In cyber, AI can improve threat intelligence, prediction & protection.
  • How can you leverage AI to improve your security capabilities?
  • Moving from detection to investigation


Presentation: From Dev to DevSec – Bridging the knowledge gap

  • Security Operations Centres are now influencing the speed & agility of new apps, services & the data they create. Is there a knowledge gap?
  • Understanding development basics
  • Successful and unsuccessful examples of securing applications, services & web apps and lessons learnt


Networking Break


Presentation: Cloud security on a budget

  • Maintaining control in the cloud – how to secure a moving target and ever-expanding infrastructure
  • Finding and securing your most valuable data
  • Understanding shadow technology & the risk it poses


Panel: It’s a knockout! Navigating the vendor selection process

  • Assessing which technologies to use and why – what is a worthwhile investment?
  • What has longevity, scalability and interoperability, and how useful is an ‘enterprise grade’ solution?
  • Identifying legacy and integration issues and strategies for overcoming them
  • Technology silos: Should they be avoided or are they important for certain business functions?


Session Close

Networking Party | 6pm-10pm | Strandzuid, RAI

An evening of networking on Tuesday 25th November from 6pm. Access for Ultimate, Gold &Expo Plus holders in addition to speakers, sponsors, press & exhibitors. Taking place at Strandzuid, RAI. Join us for drinks & networking