Day 2 - 24 November 2021



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Privacy & Data: Chairperson’s Welcome

Opening talk – overview of sessions and highlights.



Combating the adversary of the future – future-proofing your security team

  • How to do secure, fast innovation in a corporate environment.
  • Prioritising for the future – Automation, IoT & Cloud, where should you focus your time and resource? 
  • Becoming the agent for change within your organisation.



Operationalising privacy

  • Consolidating your response to privacy laws & frameworks.
  • Understanding legal changes EMEA, the Americas and APAX.
  • Next steps for compliance in 2021.



Panel: Access management & authentication – Ensuring digital trust

  • Addressing both ‘identity’ and ‘access’ – how have these definitions changed? 
  • How has moving online impacted the way we do business – using examples in healthcare, retail, finance and education? 
  • How to build identity-aware infrastructure without damaging user experience.



On the move – securing data in transit

  • Understanding the core security challenges of migrating to the cloud.
  • How can you fill gaps left by cloud service providers? 
  • Best practices for encryption and authentication.


Networking Break



Panel: Strengthening your security posture

  • Rebooting an outdated security strategy – how far should you go? 
  • Exploring 4 technologies to transform security – AI, quantum computing, identity management and ubiquitous connectivity.
  • How to identify deficits in your strategy and incorporate into your risk management program.



Reducing tolerance for human error

  • Using technology to boost security, efficiency and compliance efforts.
  • Embedding authentication into established business practices.
  • Understanding privilege and establishing a process.



Cyber in the physical world

  • Exploring security for industrial control systems and critical infrastructure.
  • The convergence of IT & OT – addressing new vulnerabilities and risks posed.
  • Best practices for security in today’s industrial networks.



End of Conference

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Topics include: Building your SecOps team | Observable architecture | SASE | Cloud data security | Ubiquitous Internet