Day 2 - 25 November 2020



Presentation: Don’t trust what you don’t understand

  • Demystifying privacy: how can you solve the privacy issue?
  • Understanding the intersection of security and privacy
  • How to process with transparency & scaleability



Presentation: Is Trust still at stake? GDPR one year on

  • Is scalable data protection critical to supporting privacy as your organisation grows?
  • What lessons have we learnt so far from GDPR and how can we still improve? 
  • 3 steps to keeping up with future compliance regulation 



Presentation: All around the world – Privacy, The cultural impact

  • How can we ensure that what we would consider ‘standard’ in privacy and security is the same across the globe?
  • Do privacy concerns diminish when people get used to low levels of privacy?
  • Exploring the ways that GDPR & local privacy regulations can have a global impact



Presentation: Surviving the worst-case scenario

  • How a strong response can put the house back together
  • How are the geo-political and economic climates driving risk behaviour?
  • Understanding the phases of an incident response plan



Panel: Would I lie to you? Navigating the trust landscape

  • Privacy: How can organisations ensure they are meeting their responsibility to customers? How do laws and jurisdiction affect this?
  • How can we ensure a standard across the world?
  • How technology can help: discussing digital identity, encryption, authentication & AI



Presentation: Evaluating risk to your business

  • Defining what risk actually is and where it’s coming from 
  • What impact are technologies such as 5G, IoT, Cloud & AI having? 
  • How visible are our assets, and what tools can we use to secure them? 


Lunch & Speed Networking on Grip



Presentation: Eliminating insider threat

  • How can you use identity and access controls to ensure you are minimising risk from within? 
  • Who should have access to what data? 
  • The dangers of irresponsible and uninformed employees 



Robin Fewster

Manager Offensive Security, Global Security


Associated Talks:

02:20PM - Day 2

View Presentation: How Hackers Attack

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Presentation: How Hackers Attack

  • How you and your organisation can be exploited into helping hackers into your systems.
  • Learn how to detect social engineering & manipulation. 
  • Hear from a real-life hacker on how their process works and how they ply their trade. 
. Robin Fewster, Manager Offensive Security, Global Security, Sage



Presentation: A quantum leap? Security in 2030

  • What impact will the next round of developments have on confidentiality, integrity, and privacy expectations?
  • Confidential computing vs. Quantum computing: which has more potential?
  • Assessing positive and potentially harmful effects



Live Presentation: The future of cyber security- Where do we go from here?

  • The future of cyber security correlates with the future of information technology. How much of an impact will security have in our business and personal lives?
  • How will advancements in smart devices, artificial intelligence and big data impact the industry?
  • Developments in the attacker ecosystem and how to combat them



Presentation: Privacy in the COVID-19 era

  • Understanding the ways in which the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted personal privacy
  • How can you maintain anonymity?



Presentation: Regulation, regulation, regulation – how do we move forward?

  • Should companies be proactive or reactive when it comes to regulation?
  • How can security professionals offer help as technologists?
  • How can we identify where we need regulation in order to progress?


End of Session