Day 2 - 24 November 2021



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Securing the future: Chairperson’s Welcome

Opening talk – overview of sessions and highlights.



Reducing risk in the cyber and physical world

  • Exploring security for industrial control systems and critical infrastructure  
  • The convergence of IT & OT – addressing new vulnerabilities and risks posed  
  • Best practices for security in today’s industrial networks 



Anton Merk

Director Solutions Engineering GRC


Associated Talks:

10:10AM - Day 2

View The ‘new normal’? Keeping secure in post-covid times

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The ‘new normal’? Keeping secure in post-covid times

  • Understanding the unique needs of your new hybrid workforce – how has the pandemic expanded attack vectors and created new vulnerabilities? 
  • How to gain the visibility and control you need to apply security controls 
  • Why you should be implementing holistic security that goes beyond just web-apps 
. Anton Merk, Director Solutions Engineering GRC, OneTrust



Panel: Embracing chaos: Resilience in a post-COVID world

  • How can we ensure organisations are resilient in fast-changing environments? 
  • The importance of good visibility, threat intelligence and threat modelling 
  • How to embed your resilience program into ‘business as usual’ 


Networking Break



The limit does not exist – security for the enterprise of things

  • Decoupling security & IoT concerns  
  • Understanding the path of data and where vulnerabilities lie 
  • How can Zero-Trust be applied to device management? 



Observable architecture – security for the SDLC

  • Is your security architecture actually working?  
  • Building a holistic AppSec program – code scanning, M&A risk assessments and quality control  
  • Adding capacity for innovation through comprehensive software security 



Ubiquitous internet – changing dynamics in cyberspace

  • How can organisations look at reducing the negative impact of the pandemic? 
  • Where to go for 2021 – how to create positive change.
  • Addressing new and systematic risk.


Networking Break



Panel: Strong to the core: Security for digital transformation

  • Rebooting an outdated security strategy – how far should you go, and how can this help power digital transformation? 
  • Reducing risk from third parties as your organisation grows 
  • Identifying deficits in your strategy and incorporating into your risk management program 



Making the web safe

  • Discussing web-app vulnerabilities around authentication, validation and user input  
  • How to build websites to function as expected, even when under attack  
  • The importance of testing to reduce your risk exposure 



Future-proofing your security team

  • How to do secure, fast innovation in a corporate environment
  • Prioritising for the future – Automation, IoT & Cloud, where should you focus your time and resource? 
  • Becoming the agent for change within your organisation



Application security solution presentation

  • To follow soon… 



Reducing risk in the cloud – What you haven’t considered

  • Should we be automatically moving to the cloud? Where is cloud not being adopted and why?   
  • Using cloud-based resources safely – moving sensitive workloads out of legacy data centres   
  • Examples of organisations using the cloud securely to enhance customer experience and user journey 


End of Conference