Nixon Digital
Stand No: 38

Looking for a platform that instantly identifies your entire website portfolio and also instantly detects where the portfolio is not yet compliant? With an automated solution, we make sure you get insight into all your website data within 1 single source of truth. The Nixon platform uses various technologies to determine what your entire website portfolio is. This includes all the websites you currently use, but also all the websites that are still live that you may not even know exist. Once identification is complete, Nixon provides direct access to a personalised environment where more than 35 scanners instantly scan for potential problems related to SSL Certificates, Cookie Compliance, Technical Performance, Privacy & Cookie Policy, and more. Once issues are identified, we are able to assign these issues to the right stakeholders. Therefore, Nixon offers integration into your ITSM landscape that ensures that your website portfolio is mapped at all times and that compliance issues are continuously addressed and assigned to the right people.